Chase Express Service Limited Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday - 8AM to 5PM


To make available to Nigerians a “one-stop-shop” in logistics provision that will be household name using qualified personnel and advanced technology that will ensure commitment to quality and profitable through prudent management.


CHASE EXPRESS SERVICES LIMITED will become the most effective logistics providers in Nigeria by employing qualified personnel, creating enabling environment that will retain and develop a highly result-oriented and motivated team that is focused on achieving corporate goals.

The company will engage advance technology, deploying and marketing services, as an all-encompassing logistic shop to meet various customers’ needs and expectations. This will ensure that we deliver products and services guaranteeing quality and are profitable to the stakeholders through cost-effective management and economies of scale advantage.


Door to Door services, consolidation, Door to Airport, Airport to Airport, time sensitive services, restricted and dangerous goods, online tracking, customs clearance and brokerage, documentation, best routing =, collect payment and freight-only payment.