Chase Express Service Limited Opening Hours : Monday to Saturday - 8AM to 5PM

Air Express Services

Are you importing, exporting, or involved in cross-trade? We have the infrastructure to service your requirements with a network of convenient receiving depots, offices and representatives throughout the world.

Our services are suited to clients with multiple oversea  suppliers who seek the benefit of communication, co-ordination and consolidation.

Shipments ranges from personal effects and general commodity or specialized cargo, W e handle shipments of all sizes including boxes,barrels,crates;which are consolidated and shipped to worldwide destinations utilizing many of the world’s major shipping lines. The beauty of this is that you can even pay the charges in the receiving country.

Are you shipping vehicles? and not sure how they will be moved ? Be rest assured, your vehicles will be blocked and Brace with special care and attention at our warehouse and particular attention is focused on the maximum protection and secured the movement of freight.

Schedules for consolidated cargo are weekly from most international destination.

Chase Express Air Freight works directly with airlines to assure efficiency and safe delivery. We apply the most comprehensive delivery strategy to make sure that we meet the customer needs. All our processes and procedures are in accordance with the (Law)
Our highly skilled team members take care of your shipment to assure quickly and safe delivery.